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03 Aug 2017, 01:23 0 | 3
Hey everyone! This is a new post I want to do every Friday from now on out.
A changelog of sorts.

Here's this weeks update:
- Server has been upgraded. Due to the amount of awesome players and some heavy plugin shenanigans, we have upgraded the server to double the capacity.
This means no more block lag, a better overall TPS and a better time overall :)

- AFK time has been increased from the way to short 5 minutes to 15 minutes. You will get the AFK status after 15 minutes of inactivity. Then you will have another 15 minutes of inactivity before being kicked.

- Donor rank perks have been added. 
Donors will now receive a [Donor] prefix along with the ability to:
- Change your nickname in-game with /nick
- Use the /thru command to move yourself through a wall
- Get priority to log-in to the server when it's full
- Set up to five homes you can teleport to using /home
- Use particle effects around your character! (choose an effect with /pp effect and a style with /pp style)
- Wear any item as a hat.
- Within the creative world donors are able to use a few nifty worldedit commands.
- In addition to personal rewards we now have a server-wide reward. When a user donates every player in-game receives $500! 

Thanks for playing!

21 Jul 2017, 10:26 0 | 3
Hey everyone , i wanted to let you know im aware of the tps spikes and know what the problem is. The server we are running on is a very simple one with 2 gigs of ram. When you have the amount of plugins and players we do thats not enough. Since we're still wanting to add a few plugins, we will upgrade to a VPS soon. This might mean the server will either be offline for a day or if all goes well back online in no-time. No progress will be lost, your homes and claimed areas will stay just fine. One other thing is, VPSs are expensive. Since im paying for the server out if my own pocket Ive opened a donation rank for those who wish to contribute to paying for the server. When the VPS is up I will once again update the donation page with all information regarding expenses. Thank you so much for playing and I hope to see you soon (when I get back from greece).
Directly from TwiiCe.

17 Jul 2017, 08:18 0 | 6

11 Jul 2017, 22:00 0 | 3
Hey everyone!
First of all, im sorry for the issues we've had with the vote plugins. They are gone now. 
When you vote for the server, you will now be rewarded $100. You will also have a very small chance of getting an extra $500 at random.
You can use /vote to get a link to our supported voting sites. 
I will add more sites upon suggestion.

What's the money for? Thats for you to decide! Will you use it to trade, collect the most of it or just spend it on some real-estate?
That's right. Up in the works now is a function to let you claim your own chunks. You will decide who gets to access chests, doors and levers. But we need a little more time to roll this out smoothly.

Donation benefits:
I added a fun little quirk to the donation benefits. Users who donate will receive the Donor rank.
This rank consists of getting access to /nick and use of some pretty and awesome particle effects. 
Will you set yourself ablaze, vanish in smoke or leave foot trails wherever you go?
Suggestions for additional donation benefits are welcome :)


08 Jul 2017, 01:39 0 | 9