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IGN: terrorfreeze
By terrorfreeze » 7 months ago
name is terrorfreeze or terror for short  im 31 years old and have been playing minecraft since alpha 1.2   im from the us and was invited by swoody i lack the patients to teach others to play mc anymore and have grown board  i was on 2bt2 during the facepunch era and several months ago to defend it as a2b2t vet im also the minecraftmercenary alt and if i dont find some place more mature soon  ill be retiring from minecraft indefinately.!!! 


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IGN: TwiiCe
By TwiiCe » 7 months ago
Hey buddy. Your application lacks depth.
Tell us a bit about yourself, we want to know who we're inviting to our community :)

Read other applications for some insights, or read the stickied post!