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IGN: Adzuki_
By Adzuki_ » 7 months ago


I am Adzuki_ or Elliot.  I am 21 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I speak both Dutch being my home language, as well as English. 

As a player, i would like you to accept me into the server because firstly I am mature, which is one of the main points required to become a player. I have been staff before on a server as well as owning a server so I am very trustworthy and honest. I don't use hacks or any mods which may give me an unfair advantage on other players, I have the past with this and I have learnt my lesson since. 

I love to build and play in Minecraft, as well as meet new people, I have been playing Minecraft since 2012!.  I want to be on a server without young kids because the everyone is more friendly, the conversation is better, and no chat spamming of caps or griefing of builds or in general being a nuisance. 

I hope to join you on the server soon! 


I found this server on this website:



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IGN: TwiiCe
By TwiiCe » 7 months ago
Hey fellow dutchie, I see you've gotten the benefit of the doubt on a different server. I will do the same, dont let the past haunt you :)

See you online soon!