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By YoBroXD » 7 months ago
My name is 'Max', i'm 19 years old, and i live in 'Belgium'. 
I have been playing minecraft since 1.2.3. That's pretty long.

I play a lot of games on steam. If you want to check out, ask me in-game
My discord name is: MaxCheChen

Why am i asking to join maturemc? because i want to play with people around my age, or older. Minecraft has become a kids game, and they're ruining it with hacks and spamming. In my opinion, Minecraft was at it's best at that time. And why? Because Minecraft was about survival, farming, teamwork, making friends. Only real builders and survivors were playing at that time. Minecraft was about 'Survival'. There was no hunger games, eggwars, quake, hide and seek.  
These are fun, but these things do not belong in Minecraft. Survival is what Minecraft makes what it is. 
The reason why i want to play with adults, is because: They're wiser than 7 year old kids who only think about DanTDM.  Adults are not as chaotic as little kids. I mean most of them.

I want to play with adults who know manners, and don't spam asking for OP or diamonds. You can talk about everything with adults, because adults have the wisdom to listen and help you with whatever you need. And laugh together of course ;D

Btw, thx for reading, and i hope you'll accept me.


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IGN: TwiiCe
By TwiiCe » 7 months ago
Heya buddy! I've gone ahead and whitelisted you ^^