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By TwiiCe » 7 months ago
Welcome to

Please make sure to read our rules before you apply.
As a reminder, this is a 18+ community.
Younger applicants may be considered, but do not lie about your age.
You must be 16 or older to apply.

To apply make a post inĀ this forum, titled with your Minecraft username, telling us about yourself as a player and why we should accept you. Please also include your age and Minecraft username (required), optionally where you're from and how you found us. Three sentence minimum, longer applications preferred.

Short applications will be rejected. Please do not harass players or staff members, we check the forums regularly and will reply to applications when we have the chance.

We do our best to handle applications as quickly as possible. Applications will be processed within 24 hours of submitting, thank you for understanding.

After you have completed your application, feel free to hop onĀ Discord.
Community is important to us, and a simple hello can leave a great impression.